This is the timeline, for the Gabrielliverse and Gabgee.

The beginning of life Edit

999,999,999MF - [1] <-- God Makes Zalgo

999,999,999MF-1MF - Zalgo reigns the nothingness of the previous [2] <-- Nexusverse

1MF - Zalgo finally creates life, with help by God the [3] <-- Bigger Bang is formed]

The Actual Beginning Edit

999 Quadrillion BC - The God of the Southern Nexusverse, Chaos is formed

888 Quadrillion BC - Chaos creates a wife and a son

666 Quadrillion BC - Chaos accidently creates the [4] <-- Devil

663-222 Quadrillion BC - A huge war called the War of the Cosmos happens, with Chaos fighting Satan

221 Quadrillion BC - Chaos' son, Negraware (sometimes called Negaware) is born

110 Quadrillion BC - Chaos disappears to the center of the Nexusverse to create more Omniverses.

110.5 Quadrillion BC - Negraware becomes King

1 Quadrillion BC - Negraware creates Ætheleegee who would make something spectacular.

888 Trillion BC - Zalgo Creates a Omniverse called the Memeverse

666 Trillion BC - Satan creates a two places called GeeHell and Hell

600 Trillion BC - Ætheleegee creates Deegee (rest of that story in the weegee Timeline)

500 Trillion BC - Deegee creates The Trolliverse

421 Trillion BC - Ætheleegee makes Genieegee who makes the Gabrielliverse

2 Million BC - Voideegee creates the Void

1 Million BC - The Void gets Sealed due to being dangerous

Many, Many Years Later Edit

2012 BC - Dr. Scientisteegee makes a accidental Creation called Gabgee

399 AD - After Many Years, Gabgee makes a family.

War Era Edit

999-1004 AD - War of Gabgee happens due to Doofusgee

1200-1234 AD - War of Gabgee II happens due to Parteegee

1999-2010 AD - War of Gabgee III and IV happens for unknown reason.

After War Edit

2012 AD - Gabgee becomes friends with almost every Fakegee, and best friends with Opigee

2013 AD - Weegee becomes "friends" with Gabgee

2014 AD - Gabgee visits the Epic Universe

Possible Future Edit

2019 AD - Gabgee and his son Kronogee make a business

2040 AD - Chaos finally comes back to the South Nexusverse to check what's going on.

2099 AD - Chaos fights the god of the West Nexusverse (where the Memeverse Resides), Pureegee

2222 AD - Zalgo destroys Hypneegee once and for all

6666 AD - Satan fights Terrafiregee

9999 AD - The War of the End starts

59823 AD - The War of the End ends

99999 AD - The Void Becomes Bigger than the Meme Omniverse and everyone who's a Weegee or Fakegee dies (except for Weegee Gods).

109382 AD - Zalgo destroys the void before it's bigger than the Nexusverse, everything is restores, and all fakegees/weegees come back to life

456789 AD - The Remnant of The Void creates a colossal Black Hole

777777 AD - The Black Hole destroys all of the gods and omniverses, Zalgo is once again all that's left (don't take this wrong, I don't think the Weegee Fad is dead)

999999 AD - The Black Hole becomes so big it destroys the Nexusverse and explodes

1 Million AD - Zalgo takes a rest

The Far Future (999 Decillion AD) - Zalgo Wakes Up and with the help of God, restarts life.