Hellminus Gabgee

Hellminus Gabgee (The powerful one) (Rework)


Hellminus Gabgee (Uncharged)

Hellminus Gabgee is the final and strongest form of Gabgee, he is stronger than ANY Gabgee, and stronger than 90% of all fakegee's (the other 10% being Gods and Very, VERY strong fakegees). Gabgee uses this form whenever he can in battle, he used it three times so far, the first was to fight Elemental NourGodly, the second was to fight Giygas and the third was to try and fight the Void, he almost won the first battle (if Nour woulnd't have surrender), won the second, and of course didn't win the third. In this form however he can also possess and also turn into ANY OTHER FORM


Possess -- Can control any body except for gods and the Void

Regenarate -- Can heal Fatal Wounds

Double Falcon Punch -- Can punch you twice with the falcon punch

Mini-Void -- Can create a little void to trap your legs

Illusion -- Can teleport very fastly which makes you get dizzy

Multiply -- Can make two or three clones of him

Hellbreaker -- Can send you to hell

Lux Magnus -- Makes a huge Fire Burst that speads 100 miles (Latin for "Great light")

Via Dolorsia -- Creates two huge Fire Pillars (Latin for "Way of Grief" or "Painful Way")

Quo Vadis -- Attacks you from behind multiple times (Latin for "Where are you going?")

Deus Iratus -- Turns huge and throws you (Latin for "Wrathful God")

Flargo Maximus -- Activates a huge Supernova (Latin for "Great/Greatest Flare")

Regnum Dei -- Attacks with a flurry of 10,000 Swords then creates a hole in the ground to trap you. (Latin for "Kingdom of God")


Nexus Ultimus When not charged

Nexus Ultimus -- His most strongest move, when charged this ball of energy can destroy a multiverse, and when fully charged, the whole Meme Omniverse (However, he never uses this move, or at least charges it, so everytime he uses it a Galaxy is destryed not a Uni, Multi or Omniverse, however he will fully charge it but only if DRASTICALLY NEEDED) (Latin for "Final Nexus")