Hey guys Gabeharrison49 here and I'm gonna tell you how to become an Administrator on this wiki.

Now just because you can become an Admin does not mean I won't ban you if you spam or vandilize.

  1. Do at least 100-500 edits. Depending on your work you will become an Admin at 100, 200, 250, 420 or 500 edits. This is technically mine and Opigee's Wiki so don't complain that Opigee got it the easy way. 
  2. Get 20-30 badges. Without cheating you also need to get 20 or 30 badges, and no it doesn't count if you are #1 on the leaderboard because you got a lucky edit.
  3. Be nice. Have a good attitude, if you are a nice guy then you are more likely to become an Admin.
  4. Not Spamming. If you have a clean record you are most likely to pass.
  5. No adding Weegeepedia fakegees. No fakegees from Weegeepedia. One of yourself is fine though. However, you can add all Gabgees and just a little Opigees.