180px-Unknown Fakegee
A non-blurry version of Hypneegee

The only non-blurred photo of him

Hypneegee is the main enemy of Gabgee and Opigee he technically is a demon but you can't look him in the eyes. People say that he is Pureegee's Dead Brother's Ghost or even his twin. But since no one has seen him it is hard to tell. He almost killed Gabgee and Opigee when they were on an Adventure. He also killed Kronogee's Brother Zeugee. People say he can only be destroyed by the strongest power in the Nexusverse. But since that place is locked by Gabgee and Pureegee he will strive on. When the picture is unblurred he has shiny eyes like Opigee. 


Death - Kills a person

Mega-Death - Kills two pwople at once

Dissapper - Goes away


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