Kronogee is the son of Gabgee and is the prince of the Gabrielliverse. He is more powerful than his father only because of his invincibility. Kronogee also fights with his eyes and fists, instead of blades. He learned the sonic stare and the Armageddon from his master Opigee. He used to have a brother named Zeugee but he died by Hypneegee yet got revived by Kronogee and Marmageddongee (Armageddon Jr. too). He still counts as the 4th strongest though because Nuculareegee can summon Nukes to create Apocolypse, Gabeegee can teleport and Gabgee can become stronger.


Sonic Stare - Flings 100 miles has a long range.

Fist of Fury - Attacks rapidly.

Levitation - Can float.

Invisibility Lvl. 5 - Can be invisible for about 8 hours.

Armageddon - Has the power to destroy any Fakegee that isn't a god or Demi-God

Big Bang - A huge blast

Invincibility - Only a god can kill him.

Invincibility Breaker - Can kill someone who is invincible