Here is the list of rules READ or else YOU WILL DIE!! Nah, but you will get banned

  • No Swearing
    • Words like F*** B**** and C*** are not allowed.
      • However words like Crap, Damn and even Hell are allowed
  • No Crappy Grammar
    • Always check for spellcheck. Stuff like: un dy I wuz on uh wlk wit miy fwens. is not accepted
      • Although little typos like Grammer are acceptible
  • No Spamming
    • PLEASE Don't Spam
      • If you do you'll be banned
        • For your whole life
          • Litterally I WILL set it to 88 years
            • DO NOT THINK I'M KIDDING
              • Trust Me
                • DO NOT SPAM!!!!!!!
                  • GOT IT
                    • Good.
  • Do not make someone a admin because they are your friend.
    • Opigee is my friend but he also makes my photos
  • Do not come here just to complain
  • You may make a Fakegee based on you, but no other Fakegees aloud. Only Gabgees and Opigees
  • Do not try and sockpuppet your way to getting unbanned
  • Obey Opigee and Gabgee DESTROY Weegee and Malleo
  • Be nice
  • And what ever you do
  • DO
  • NOT
  • And also
  • DO 
  • NOT SPAM!!!
  • It's like, our motto
  • Do not make a fake account to troll/spam

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