Safer Gabgee

Safer-Gabgee 2.0

Safer-Gabgee is another form of Gabgee he has holy powers and is the most strongest form (that he can access easily) of Gabgee. This form happens when Nesus Gabgee reaches full power, when it's a nice day or when Opigee heals him in battle.


Holy - Summons many balls of light to attack the enemy.

Flying Power - Can float and fly

Transform - Can turn into Nesus Gabgee, Ice Gabgee, Fire Gabgee and Gabgee at will.

Strength Up - Makes Gabgee stronger than Nesus Gabgee

Defense Up - Makes Gabgee have more duribility during battle

Speed Up - Makes Gabgee Faster

Super Punch - Can Punch Really Hard

Holy Guard - Makes Gabgee Invincible for a limited time.

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