Safer-Sephiroth is the final form of Sephiroth. This form appears when Sephiroth is REALLY mad. He almost won in this form against Ultimate Greegee (Greegee survived because he used the Ultimate Greegee Dansen, blowing up an entire Universe), Sephiroth however still lived, yet Lord Deegee defeated him at the last second. He can summon Voids and Black Holes and make a Giga Nova (a gigantic Supernova). If he gets mad enough he can fuse with Ragegee to make Ultimate Ragegee. He has one more form called Super Safer Sephiroth

Attacks Edit

Attack - Attacks.

Pale Horse - Makes the opponent very sick.

Deen - Makes a black hole.

Supernova - Summons a huge meteor to blow up on a star.

Giganova - Summons various meteors and stars to explode each other and create a colossal explosion.

Wall - Protects from all attacks for a couple seconds.

Shadow Flare - Makes a huge Dark Flame attack the player

DeSpell - Puts off any effect.

Heartless Angel - Like the other Heartless Angel.

Break - Makes opponent's defense halved.

Summon - Can summon the beast Paragon.

Stigma - Makes the opponent effected with Geostigma

Curaja - Heals all minor wounds

Attacks with Paragon Edit

Light of Heaven - Blinds opponent

Big Bang - The opposite of Supernova, makes a huge explosion come from nowhere

Mega Shield - Guards from any magic and and also makes attacks halved.

Giga Punch - Makes Paragon attack opponent.

Havoc Wing - Attacks with his huge wing.

Energy - Attacks Strongly

Curaza - Heals all major wounds, can't use this ability more than once.