Sephiroth KHII


Sephiroth, also known as the "One-Winged Angel" is a strong semi-humanoid living in the Gabrielliverse, he is said to have a relation with Gabgee, but this is untrue. He's actually the dark side of Gabe. He also wants to rule the whole Meme Omniverse, he started great already, ruling the Gabgee Solar System after a war. His super form is Safer-Sephiroth.

Powers Edit

Reaper - Attacks the opponent with three sword swings that hit multiple times.

Shadow Flare - Summon four orbs of energy around his opponent that converge upon them.

Transience - A quick, short-ranged single slash that knocks opponent away.

Fervent Blow - Swings sword to fire multiple energy waves. If the waves strike the opponent, Sephiroth will teleport closer to strike them again and knock them away.

Sudden Cruelty - Two hit aerial combo that knocks opponent away.

Oblivion - Dashes past opponent and strike multiple times, knocking them down and away. Sephiroth will rise or lower slightly if the opponent is above or below him before dashing.

Godspeed - Swings sword to fire multiple energy waves. If the waves strike the opponent, teleport closer to strike them again and knock them downward.

Flying - He can fly

Teleportation - He can teleport

Octaslash - Quickly charge forward while slashing the opponent multiple times.

Scintilla - Guards against attacks, then swings sword to hit multiple times, stunning them before striking a second time. Second strike hits over a large horizontal area.

The Black Materia -Sephiroth charges energy and summons a meteor to hit opponents. Uncharged, the meteor is flung from above Sephiroth very quickly, but has short range. Fully Charged, the meteor descends from above the opponent slowly, pushing them downwards and exploding upon contact with the ground.

Hell's Gate - Sephiroth swings his sword and rapidly descends to stab opponents and drive them down. It also creates a fissure that sends rocks up into the air on impact with the ground.

Heaven's Light - Swings sword and charge upwards on an angle.

Supernova - Summons a huge meteor to create a gigantic explosion, can destroy countries

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