Thunder Gabegee

Thunder Gabgee

Thunder Gabgee is the strongest Elemental Gabgee Form. Yes there WAS a Water Form, Bizzaro Gabgee. He can summon Lightning Bolts and other good stuff. This is formed when, he gets struck by lightning, OR, Elemental NourGodly fuses and/or fights with him.

Powers Edit

Thunderstorm - A Storm... of thunder... could you not guess that?

Thunderbolt - A Bolt... of lightning... could you not guess that?

Thundagazalakanaradaja - Summons a lot of Lightning and Thunder and some Spahgetti

Strength Up - Makes him stronger than Omnifos, yet not as strong as Ultimate, Exodus, God, Demon, Destruction or Hellminus Gabgee.

Defense KILL - Makes him weaker than Weak Gabgee

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