Ultimate gabgee

Ultimate Gabgee (V2)

Ultimate Gabgee is well... the ultimate form of Gabgee. This form is only activated if either Opigee or Kronogee gets injured.

Powers Edit

Lasers of Judgement - Shoots wide, huge, beams out his eyes. Not powerful, yet long.

Ultimate Protect - Makes him almost invincible, can stand about 250 or so blows.

Ultimate Attack - His attacks are pretty strong now, this is his Ultimate form though, what did you expect?

Rapid Fists - Can gut check opponent about 50 times in a row.

Sacrifice - Will explode and seriously damage the enemy. Then he will turn into Weak Gabgee.

Dissappear - can be invisible for a set period of time (around 10 minutes), after using this move it has a two-hour long charge

Transform - Can change into any other form up to Ultimate Gabgee

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