The War of Gabgee was a war between the Gabgees and the Fakegees that happened in the Gabrielliverse. The war started when a Gabgee named Doofusgee sent a nuke to The Trolliverse, it just so happened to land on the United Gee's Verse which made Weegee mad. Weegee sent Fakegees to the Gabrielliverse to where they attacked the village, Gabgee sent out Opigee, Gabeegee and Nuculareegee, To fight them off. When Gabrielgee a very strong Gabgee died, Gabgee found trouble. Gabgee also sent out many Gabgee's to fight the Fakegee's, the war went on for several decades and many Gabgee's died and fled while all the Fakegee's fled. Until finally it was Hypneegee vs Gabgee and Opigee, Hypneegee possessed Opigee but Gabgee defeated him and recovered Opigee, Hypneegee then walked away swearing revenge to the fakegee's. Doofusgee then got fired.

Gabgee Army:

Gabgee, Gabrielgee, Nucluareegee, Gabeegee, Willeo, Eilshee, 234hingee, 735singee, Shupahroladnoucarunolllaee, Luxgee, Aeternagee, Opigee



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