Weemalwalwawopigabarrtranlonalleeosamakronoadoenogee (pronounced Wee-Mall-Wall-Wah-O-Pee-Gabe-Air-Tran-Lone-Uh-Lul-EO-Samuh-Krono-A-Dough-No-Gee) is possibly the most ridiculous name you'll ever see for a fakegee, this fusion is the fusion of Weemalwalwaweegee (Weegee, Malleo, Walleo and Waweegee) and Opigee, Gabgee, Arroniicho, Gabtran, Gablona and Opilona, Opileeotran, Opisamaweegee, Kronogee, Jamado, Verdeeno and Nuculareegee. This is the only thing that can kill Hypnopigee. Sometimes it's just Opigabarrtranlonalleeosamakronoadoenogee because Weegee and others are busy.


Invincibility - Due to Weegee and Malleo being in the mix, he/she's invincible

Weemalwarwawopigabarrtranlonalleeosamakronoadoenogee Stare - This will make you have Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, which is a fear of long words, making you run from this fusion.

Bombs of Hell - Summons Morshu to eliminate you

Death of you - Stomps on you

Flick - He's so huge he can flick you 1,000 miles away.

Explode - Will explode him/herself to kill oppoment (the fusion then gets destroyed and everyone turns normal)

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