XARm@gEdDoNg33Z is a cyborg,named also X-47.He is pratically unbeatable and is mind-controlled by Armageddongee,blocked in a room,when there's an huge problem,he is released,but Armageddongee can lose the control and he can destroy everything,attacking even Armageddongee.He is named X-47 because X= secret and 47= fourtyseventh secret project.Everytime he loses a battle he get updated and stronger.He is powered with Windows XP.Now they made to him some updates:

1.He can merge with Armageddon Core

2. He has control over the other X Projects.


3. He's now powered with Windows 8.1.

4. Now he can control himself,so he isn't mind-controlled by Armageddongee (If he wants,he still can do it though)

Powers Edit

-In costruction-

Hammer: A powerful Hammer,strong as the Thor One.He can morph it in other weapons.

Protonic Cannon: A powerful protonic cannon.

Spike: Two spikes behind him,that can move or open and become laser rifles.

Aim and destroy: His two eyes can aim with an incredible precision,firing LAZOHRS or aiming for another weapon.

Matter Bombs: His overalls can open and shot Red Matter Bombs or Dark Matter Bombs

Morph: Merging with Armageddon Core,he turns into a stronger form.